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Natural Personal and Skin Care Products

Supplier of Organic Pili Nuts Oil based Natural Skin Care Products (Pili Nut Oil and Elemi Oil)

Manufacturer of Pili Oil Based Natural Organic Skin Care Products like Pili Moisturizer, Pili Bath Soap,
Pili Massage Oil, Hand Body Lotion and Herbal Shampoo

Pili Oil Products NATURE WONDERS ENTERPRISES' vision as a role model that adheres to the Principles on The Law of Nature commits to capitalized only on natural ingredients as base for all personal care products ranging from hair care and others. "Natural" means that the product ingredients were derived from plant or other organic materials and not synthesized. As we explore the wonders of nature, be our partner as we introduce new lines of natural beauty products that would suits your delicate taste and lifestyle.

Latest in town!

"Naturale Wonders"

Brand of natural skin care products
from Canarium Ovatum Engler.

"Naturale Wonders" Pili Oil products uses only natural ingredients that have the most potent oleoresin sourced from Canarium Ovatum pili tree. It contains a high percentage of oil with high levels of carotenoids, phytosterols and tocopherols (Vit. E). Fatty acid profile includes oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. These substances are known for its powerful antioxidants and protecting cells from oxidation and neutralizes unstable free radicals. It has renewing and rejuvenating properties for healthy, youthful and beautiful skin inside out.


Pili Moisturizing Cream Elemi Pili Oil Nuts

Pili Moisturizing Cream

Each of our skin cells contains about 95 percent water. "Naturale Wonders" Moisturising Cream add and help our skin retain moisture by sealing in the moisture already in our skin. They also "plump" the skin, making fine lines less visible.
Pili Bath Soap Elemi Pili Oil Nuts

Pili Bath Soap

Fine handcrafted from all-natural ingredients only with natural germicide and anti-bacterial components from the elemi therapeutic grade essential oil that leaves you feeling clean inside-out refreshed and deodorized.
Pili Massage Oil Elemi Pili Nuts

Pili Massage Oil

"The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day." This was the advice given by the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine.

Feel the warming 'Chi' from the 'Naturale Wonders' Pili Oil moving through your being, relaxing, rejuvenating and invigorating.
Pili Lip Stick Blush Elemi Pili Oil Nuts

Pili Lipstick, Lip Shine, Lip Blush

LIPSTICK - Naturale Wonders line of lipsticks contains natural waxes and active ingredients from Canarium Ovatum and Luzonicum that gives the glow and moisturize kissable lips and cheeks.

LIPS EXPRESSIONS Lips visibly express emotions such as a smile or a frown. Lips can also be made pouty when whining or perky to be provocative.

LIP BALM - Add shine and prevent chapped and cracked lips. Available in orange, strawberry, pili and spearmint flavors.

Pili Hand & Body Lotion Elemi Oil Pili Nuts

Hand & Body Lotion

The anti-oxidant property of our pili oil base lotion promotes younger skin and gives you enough moistures to last all day feeling light and smooth.
Herbal Shampoo with Pili Oil Elemi Oil

Herbal Shampoo with Pili Oil

Daily hair wash herbal shampoo with gugo, rosemary, or aloe vera extracts for cleansing hair and scalp also stimulate hair growth. It restore softness, body, shine and hair manageability with the pili oil component.
Home Remedies Pili Nuts Oil Elemi Oil

Pili Oil Home Remedies

Cold relief - Relieves stuffiness and congestion for smooth breathing
Pain relief - Relieves tensions, anxiety and irratability for a relaxed and peaceful mood
Itch relief - Counteraacts discomfort of itchy and imglamed misery.
Muscle relief - Rubs out the ache, stiffness and relaxes your muscle.
Insect relief - Insects are scent-driven. They are repelled by woodsy, nutty and earthly herbal pungent aroma.
Pili Insect Repellant Pili Nuts Oil Elemi Oil

Pili Oil Insect Repellant

Insects are scent-driven. They are repelled by woodsy, nutty and earthly herbal pungent aroma.
Pure Essential Elemi Oil Pili Nuts

Pure Essential Elemi Oil

Facial Rejuvinating Cream Pili Nut Oil Elemi Oil

Facial Rejuvinating Cream