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Nitrogen (N): promotes vigorous vegetative growth and gives plants good healthy color.
Nitrogen starved plants appear stunted with narrow pale green to yellow leaves.
Also, flowering is early and little fruit develops.
To much Nitrogen will result in very sappy growth and over development
of the leaves at the expense of the flowers, fruit, seed or tubers.

Phosphorus (P): is required for roots and seed development and promotes
early growth and quickens ripening.
Plants lacking Phosphorus tend to be stunted and yield poor crops.
Also they show red purple or sometimes blueish green colors.

Potassium (K): is required for the formation of carbohydrates and protein.
It effects the plants ability to with stand stress and severe climatic conditions.
Potassium is ost likely to be deficient in sandy or heavily crop soils.

Iron (Fe) Effects utilization of Chlorophyll and plants strength.

Boron (B): Essentials for strong roots, tops, internal tissue and buds.
Aids sugar transportation system and calcium uptake.

Calcium (Ca): Lack of Calcium produces of distortion of
young follage, dropping flowers and short stubby roots.

Zinc (Zn): Gives supply of enzymes to break down sugar and Nitrogen.
Also helps plants growth regulation and acceleration.

Copper (Cu): Causes metabolism of Carbohydrates and Protein.
It also prevents cell breakdown and help convert sunlight to energy for plants.

Magnessium (Mg): Important for utilization of amino acids and nitrogen.
It also promotes strong plant and fruit development.

Sulfur (S): This helps from proteins and guard against plant diseases.
It also enhances flavour and fragrance.

Sodium (Na): Assist with water retention and plant health.

Manganese (Mn): Important for photosynthesis and rapid solid growth.
It releases energy and helps Nitrogen Uptakes.

Molybdenum (Mo): Involved in enzyme systems relating
to nitrogen fixation by bacteria growing symbiotically with legumes.