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Alpha-E Bio Organic Fertilizer in Manila and Bicol, Philippines

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Let’s put life in our soil with

Alpha-E Soil Power Bio-Organic Fertilizer
The familiar expression “Mother Earth” is justified. When we take and rob the earth, we disturb the natural equilibrium and harmony, producing sickness of the soil, sickness of the plants and fruits and finally the sickness of the animals and the human being. It had been stated that the exhaustion of soil hastens the downfall of nations. Soil exhaustion can cause the decay of the society. With this fact as our strong motivation, Nature Wonders Enterprises commits itself to continuously research and work to reestablish permanent fertility of the soil.

There are no overnight or even single-season organic solutions for an imbalanced soil. Unlike gardeners & farmers who rely on soluble synthetic chemical fertilizers to keep their plants green and growing, organic gardeners and farmers boost the soil’s natural fertility through a two, three, or four year program that results in a fertile, rich soil. However, your plants don’t have to suffer during the soil-building program. Now with ALPHA-E enriched bio-organic fertilizers, you can supplement your soil building program with the right nutrients needed to improve your soil’s structure & biological activity.


Total Nitrogen
PLUS: Adequate amount of trace of elements
Total Phosphorus
calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, boron
Total Potassium
manganese, iron, copper, molybdenum,
Organic Matter
Moisture Content


ALPHA-E is best added to the soil before planting either basally by broadcasting the entire amount before last harrowing or dressed into the furrows or hills where the seeds or seedlings will be planted.

FOR FULLY IRRIGATED FIELDS: ALPHA-E is supplied between the last harrowing and leveling.

FOR EXISTING PLANTS: Side dress by incorporating with the soil along the side or around the plants.

FOR FRUITS TREES AND ORNAMENTS SHRUBS: Deposit in shallow holes or trench two third of the distance from the base of the plants to its crown.

FOR POTTED ORNAMENTAL PLANTS: Loosen the soil a third of the way to the bottom of the pot and incorporate one or two handful of ALPHA-E.

The ideal amount ALPHA-E for one hectare of soil with less than 3 percent organic matter is 8 to 12 bags of 50 kilos. After a full application of ALPHA-E on the first crop. The second crop can be given 25% less. As the organic matter in the soil reaches adequate level, succeeding crops can be given 3 to 5 bags.

is a complete plant food containing all the primary secondary and micro-nutrients vital to plant growth and development and has distinctive features such as:
  • Highly soluble nutrients foliar spray that ensures a healthy and more vigorous plant life.
  • Contains essential chelated trace elements which provide a source of readily available plant nutrients without precipitation of the major and micro nutrients.
  • Formulated to be compatible with commonly used of plant protection sprays, and is highly effective in small doses.

Total Nitrogen (N)
Avail Phosphorus
Total Potassium

PLUS: Secondary Nutrients and Micronutrients Ca, Mg, Zn, Fe, B, Mn, Ma, Cu, Cl, S1, O2, with growth stimulants and chelating agents, balance trace elements and other natural components. GROWN-EASY is an emulsified plant food preparation that contains highly assimilable nutrients and natural growth promotants to stimulate better growth and development hence higher crop yields.

Grown-Easy Foliar: Fill sprayer with water to ½ its volume and add to require dosage of Grown-Easy. Fill to capacity and mix thoroughly. Spray the leaves evenly with the mixture. Do not spray dripping wet.