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Supplier of Pili Nuts Oil, Elemi Oil and Bio Organic Fertilizers (Manila and Bicol Philippines)

Nature Wonders Enterprises is the supplier of Pili Nut Oil, Elemi Oil and Bio Organic Fertilizers in Manila Bicol, Philippines

15 Annapolis Street, Unit 210, Gold Condominium, Brgy. Greenhills
San Juan City, NCR, Philippines 1502

Owner : Rosalina S. Tan

The Pioneering Spirit Behind Pili Oil Natural Skin Care Products

Featured on Manila Bulletin

Rosalina Tan Pili Nut Elemi Oil Philippines


THE PILI TREE – “The Chosen” among the other nut trees, is indigenous to the Philippines. Scientifically known as Canarium Ovatum and Canarium Luzonicum. The Pili tree’s great value is found in all its parts – from the bark, the nut, the pulp and even its leaves. Apart from the pili nuts as food, the pulp and the resin of the tree are found to contain high levels of carotenoids, phytosterols and tocopherols (Vitamin E) all of which constitute a virtual arsenal of anti-oxidants.

The discoveries of its many beneficial nature, a lady organic agriculture advocate took the cudgels in exploring its commercial value. This lady, Ms. Rosalina S. Tan, known as Lina, Rose or Mommy to most, is the Chair-Emeritus of OPTA (Organic Producers & Trade Association, Phil.) Rosalina with all her passion for organics trailblazed to uncover the secrets of the Pili tree.

Since 2004, she collaborated on the research, product development and marketing of the Pili pulp oil with Dr. Pham Bi Chay of BioTech, UPLB and Jose Navarro of Irosin, Sorsogon. Confirming the benefits of Pili pulp oil out of these research, she decided to solicit a grant from the Peace and Equity Foundation, a member of the CODE NGO Network to further expand the research on the pharmacological nutraceutical and cosmetic value of the Pili oil.

All the initial findings indicated a promising future so that she took the initiative to join the Manila Fame Exhibits by Cltem to explore the potentials of the PIli oil in the international market arena. At the time, she only came out with Pili oil as a massage oil and a bath soap. Her convition aqnd passion in promoting Pili oil attracted the interest of a Frenchman from Hongkong. He advised her not to limit herself on bath soaps but proceed farther to venture on cosmetics and other skin care products. After two years of continued communication, the Frenchman finally came back to the Philippines to set up a cosmetic company.

Unfortunately he abandoned the project, frustrated over the difficulties of obtaining permit from BFAD. Moreover, there is not enough existing Pili trees to guarantee a continuous supply of raw material for the intended cosmetic company.

Rosalina Tan’s commitment to the organic movement has brought her to Bikol region to start on a regional offensive to promote organic agriculture rather than lobbying with the national policy makers. Her passing the torch of OPTA to a new generation of leaders did not dampen her pioneering spirit. She encouraged the Bikolanos to set up and activate OBAN (Organic Bikol Advocateurs Network, Inc). She served as OBAN’s interim president, treading the same paths she began with OPTA. It was her organic advocacy work and nationalist outlook instead of exporting raw resin, she developed a whole spectrum of Pili based natural products from lipstick, lip n blush, bath soaps, shampoo, massage oil, moisturizing cream, hand n body lotion, hygienic hand lotion, insect repellent and others. What with all the natural germicidal properties of anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, more products are on the pipeline.

Other pioneers who helped develop products from the pili oil as food supplements are Ding Fernando (OPYA), Eng. Boks Goyena (OBAN), Jun Ingles (OPTA) an alchemist of essences and promoter of Manila Elemi oil from the Pili tree.

Rosalina Tan is now actively lobbying with DA region 5 to encourage commercial planting of more Pili trees. She currently a Board member of RAFC 5 and also a member of the Bikol Pili Board. From the environmental issue of pollution of Pili pulp wastes, from a neglected and ignored natural resources, she discovered the vast hidden treasures in this majestic PILI TREE – the tree of hope for Bikol that is yet to become an additional tree of life.

Rosalina Tan Pili oil based natural skin care products carry the brand name of ”Naturale Wonders”. They are available at THE ORGANIK COOP 52 Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, QC, Tel. 4363515. Another outlet is CHELOY RAWVOLUTION RESTAURANT at 15 Annapolis st., Greenhills, San Juan City.


– National Organic Agriculture Board 2008
Board Member
– Organic Producers & Trade Association 1995
Co-Founder / Chair-Emeritus
– The Organik Cooperative 2004
Co-Founder / Chairman
– Organic Matters& Lifestyle Magazine 1998
– Save Our Soil Foundation 2002
– Organik Bikol Advocateurs Network 2009
Co-Founder / President
– Philippine Commercial Organik Fertilizers Producer Association, Inc. 2010
Co-Founder / President
– International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (Germany)
– Organic Trade Association (USA)

Inspirational Quote from George Bernard Shaw : “This is the true joy of life... being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one... being a force of Nature, instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy... I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to work for it in whatever way I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die. For the harder I work, the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It’s a sort of a splendid torch which I have to hold up for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generation. “

Portion of our income goes to our soil foundation for continuos research and advocacy on concerving, preserving the wonders of our Mother Earth.

History behind..
NATURE WONDERS ENTERPRISES is a merger of two corporations that delved into agriculture and natural organic foods and natural skin care products. Profits became secondary as passionate advocacy took the lead for changes needed for a better, healthier society in a clean environment. Learning from these 15 years of hard earned experiences had prepared us with more wisdom and understanding. In order to simplify operations, under Nature Wonders Enterprises - 3 division were set up to cater to take over the major concern of Galactic Resources Development Corporation in line with its agricultural inputs like Alpha Bio Organic Fertilizer and Natural Wonders Unlimited Marketing Inc. for its natural and organic food and skin care products.


AGRICULTURE - Agricultural inputs = Alpha-E Soil Power Bio Organic Fertilizer, Grown Easy Foliar , Bio-Mix, Organik Plus

NATURAL AND ORGANIC FOOD - “Omega-C“ Organic Rice, Free Range Chicken and Eggs, Weekly Veggies Basket, etc

NATURAL PERSONAL & SKIN CARE PRODUCTS – “Naturale Wonders” Brand herbals, Essential oils


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To be a responsible role model in the field of natural and organic products backed up by scientific verification from the principles of the law of nature.


To attain that business growth equitably with social concerns and moral obligations.


To provide the link to rural development by tapping indigenous produce into valued added products thus generate employment and income to local communities.