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Pili Nuts Oil, Elemi Oil and Bio Organic Fertilizers Supplier Philippines

We sell from raw materials to finished products: Natural Personal and Skin Care and Bio Organic Fertilizers

Bio-Organic Fertilizer Supplier Manila Philippines

Bio-Organic Fertilizer

Alpha-E Soil Power Bio-Organic Fertilizer is best added to the soil before planting either basally by broadcasting the entire amount before last harrowing or dressed into the furrows or hills where the seeds or seedlings will be planted.

Pili Oil Elemi Oil Supplier Bicol Philippines

Natural Personal &
Skin Care Products

Latest in town! “Naturale Wonders” brand of natural skin care products from Canarium Ovatum Engler. “Naturale Wonders” Pili Oil products uses only natural ingredients that have the most potent oleoresin sourced from Canarium Ovatum “pili” tree.

Natural Organic Food Basket

Natural & Organic
Food Basket

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